I did the thing

Eleven months ago I had art commissioned for a tattoo of my favorite Pokemon, Raichu.

And then I sat around and thought about it and changed my mind and went back and forth about a million times.

Finally, the official Pokemon Facebook page reminded us all that Pokemon Day was coming up on the 27th. This year will mark the 21st anniversary of Pokemon, and the 17th or 18th year, roughly, of my love of Raichu.

And that was the moment at which I sort of went, self, this has been a thing in your life for nearly two decades now. It is okay if you want to get a tattoo of it.

So I emailed my artist, who happened to have an opening the next day (and doesn’t work weekends, so that’s another thing).

And I did the thing.

Disclaimer: these are fresh ink colors and not true to the final tattoo. Also, as you can sort of see, my arm was HECKING IRRITATED.

There are three hidden meanings-slash-important features to this otherwise cute Pokemon tattoo:

  1. I have significant acne scarring on my shoulders (my left one more so than my right) from using shampoos/body washes/perfumes/detergents with sulfates, dyes, etc. It took me a couple years to realize just how sensitive my skin really was, but by then a lot of damage had already been done. Happily, this covers the majority of the really bad stuff. My artist rocks.
  2. The art is based on a specific Pokemon card, but my sister’s first word was “balloon” and we spent a lot of time playing Pokemon when we were kids, so it’s a partial tribute to her. 😛
  3. Semi-accidental, semi-on-purpose reference to my favorite Paramore song:

Overall, I’m really happy with it and can’t wait to see how it looks when it heals up. Might have to get a retouch for more accurate coloring once that’s done, just to make sure he’s not too light (or alternately, too orange, if it doesn’t blend like it should) but I won’t mind.

Oh, and as for the pain — the memorial flowers were much worse, and my gallbladder attacks were still worse than that. 😛